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Mario accompanies you for three the first part of the column, let’s first explain why it is called “Mario accompany you for three drinks”. Some readers may not know that I have been producing a podcast show “Mario’s Drink with You” for more than five years and nearly 300 episodes .This is a character interview show, but we would like to conduct it in a relaxed atmosphere of “drinking a drink and chatting”. In the third season, we also traveled to about 60 bars to record live, whether it was a guest or an audience, it was very interesting. Although we returned to the company’s internal recording studio to record after the fourth season, we will still provide a “wine list” for guests to choose from, and try to continue to create a feeling of drinking and chatting.

Because of the strong impression of “drinking a drink” and the fact

that I have been to many bars because of programs and personal interests, people always ask me which bar is worth recommending, or what kind of wine is recommend. However, bars vary according to personal preferences, which are also related to style and location. I will Morocco Phone Number share them in a future column, but I have my own set of ideas on how to order wine in a bar to be a good guest. In fact, for the store owner, it is not necessary to spend a lot to be a good customer. Bars and coffee shops are a bit similar. They both have an atmosphere of mutual support in the city, so they are not so utilitarian or commercial, and

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Ordering three glasses of wine is a kind of “bar-style” mutual respect

In addition to respecting the rules of the store, not unreasonably urging alcohol, chasing alcohol, concave alcohol, etc., for me, there is another point, that is, every time I go to a new bar, I order at least three glasses of wine. But why is ordering three glasses of wine respecting the store? being able to greet and chat with customers is actually a very important part. And as a good guest in a bar, I think it’s all about respecting the store owner, drinking rationally and paying no hesitation.

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