The career journey of Tongliao Phone Number one year after graduation: my workplace confusion and reflection (2)

The most basic point of a designer is to be able. To restore the essence of the product through design, so that users can generally know the characteristics .of the product at a glance. For example: taobao, you Tongliao Phone Number have the feeling of a market when you look at it; and .tmall, you have the feeling of a shopping mall when you look at it. It is meaningless to dress up a duck as a. Swan, and it will only increase the doubts and troubles of users. I have had such an experience myself. Before. We designed an official website for a big data product. I was very satisfied with the designer, but the bos.s put forward an opinion:

B Website Styles and Found

You are c-end (customer) style Tongliao Phone Number, i am a to b (business) ). Website, don’t do this c-side style for me again in the future! We later analyzed many to b website styles and. Found that they did have obvious commona Tongliao Phone Number lities, but we were accustomed to the existing

c-side experience and ignored such obvious characteristics of such websites. At that time, i was also reflecting on why the. Bosses who didn’t understand design could find the design problems instead? Because she understands the.

Business enough, and her vision is broader! It can be seen that to really do a good job in design. It is not enough to only understand the design level.

Analysis and Research

Tongliao phone number
Tongliao phone number

It is necessary to broaden your horizons and knowledge. And look at problems from a higher perspective. Secondly, it is possible to find the. Direction through analysis Tongliao Phone Number and research. Just like the example just now, we all hope to have a higher vision, but this. Cannot be achieved all at once. Most designers cannot reach that heigh

otherwise they will become bosses. What to do then. The answer is one word: analyze, analyze, analyze. We study the commonalities and design. Characteristics of websites in the same industry, analyze the positioning and characteristics of our own website. And then plan the design style of the website from the perspective of commonality + individuality.

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