The company is like an outsourcing Latvia phone number company, what should I do?

Fault tolerance principle of fault tolerance. In layman’s terms, it helps users avoid pits during Latvia Phone Number operation, and even if users fall into pits, they can quickly. Climb out. To-understand ones,

such  as the novice guide page after downloading the app, and the default text in. The input box of financial products; in a popular sense, it is better to display. Information that affects user operations in advance.

For example, in the e-commerce business, “the region does not support delivery. Then the user does not need to waste work.

In Layman’s Terms

Prompt – that is, the user has fallen into the pit, and at. The right time and in the right way, tell the Latvia Phone Number user why he fell and the possible consequences. For example: toast prompt or pop-up prompt? Is it a prompt in  the real-time judgment box,

or is it a step-by-step judgment. Node prompt? Resolve – give the user a solution to the problem. Tell the users who fell into the pit how to get out of the pit. Figure 12 3 influencing factors of fault tolerance rate .the optimized design of the. Credit result page in figure 13 takes advantage of this point.

Toast Prompt or Pop

Latvia phone number
Latvia phone number

There are three types of credit results: under review. Successful, and failed. After the credit extension  is successful, it will be [guided] in a timely manner, and users will be guided to convert by issuing coupons to stimulate borrowing and informing users through.

Pop Latvia Phone Number -up messages. After the credit fails, a solution will be provided in a timely manner-provide users with. Another relatively simple loan application entry, and guide users to try. Figure 13 credit result page and. Result reach another example is the design of the provident fund account login process as shown below:

loading is also a kind of guidance, by notifying the user of the state, alleviating the user’s. Anxiety of waiting, and avoiding exiting the terminal process.

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