The first lesson for Internet people

When I took over a brand new business at the beginning of the year, I set one of my goals to “build an agile, unite and combative team”.

Due to HC reasons, in addition to the existing regular employees of the team, only the places for intern students have been .

In the process of building the business South Korea Phone Number from 0 to 1, 4 intern students participate in it. In order to let the team members give full play to their enthusiasm and potential. When they first , I gave you a presentation on the theme of “How to work efficiently?” training.

Judging from the actual effect, several children have shown significantly higher efficiency than their peers in their work.

01 How do you view Internet work?

In fact, any commercial product is a balance between user value and commercial value. But Internet products have an additional measurement dimension of technical realization.


The reason is very simple, but as Wang South Korea Phone Number Yangming said, the unity of knowledge and action requires “practice in practice”.

For example, many students who make products will take into account the difficulty of technical realization and self-castrate the scope of demand when analyzing their s.

Business classmates will give you a battle for business value, and technical personnel will give you a discount for technical implementation. If the product person does not give priority to defending user value, then the root of the product will be lost.

03 Principles of doing thingsSouth Korea Phone Number

The first is to make plans. There is a saying in Toyota. Which  the lean production method, “Use 80% of the time to plan South Korea Phone Number and 20% of the time to execute.” It is  too much; those who fail to win a temple without a battle must be considered less.” The philosophy is the same.

From an abstract point of view, accomplishing things is nothing more than: thinking and doing things fail. It is nothing more than a bad plan, or a bad execution. With a  and reliable plan, you need to be bold when executing it. For newcomers The mentality of looking ahead and looking back is very common. If you want a small horse-drawn cart, you must give strong encouragement

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