The Importance of Placing a Conversation Starter on Your Website Lead Generation Forms

When your customers seek a solution for Investors Email Address a problem, they use a search engine to ask their question. Your website pops up in the results, and they click through to find out if you have the answer they’re looking for. If they like what they see, they call you or fill out one of your website lead generation forms to get more information.

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This process is a good one. It represents marketing automation at its finest and allows your team to reach out to customers who have already shown interest.

But did you know that your lead generation form could be even more helpful to you? All you have to do is add one more thing: a conversation starter that allows your customer to give more information and provides more information to your sales team.

What Do We Mean By “Conversation Starters?”

Like a good networking opportunity, conversation starters are the part of your lead generation intake form that encourages the person submitting the form to share more details about their situation.

Your website and your lead generation forms are important parts of a marketing and lead generation strategy. In fact, 56 percent of marketers think optimizing lead generation form logic (including the process of adding a conversation starter) have a significant impact on website performance. Forty-six percent think the layout has a significant impact, too.

The goal of the conversation starter is to get more information about your customer’s needs, budget allocations, or buying process. It gives you the basic information you need to see whether or not your company’s solution would be a good fit. Not only will this help your sales team save time in deciding which customers to pursue,

but it will give you context for that first call so that you can be as helpful as possible from the start.

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