The Long Run Before the Holidays.

I was able to submit my notifications to Portugal Phone Number my day job ten months after starting the job. This is the greatest moment for me! How has my business performed over the years After sharing my first income report, I went on to share 40+ income reports from 2015 to Portugal Phone Number mid-2018? This included blogging, offering my services, and eventually growing to include many different things like affiliate marketing, ebooks, products, courses, etc. There are many different sources of digital income, Portugal Phone Number and it’s important to be as diverse as possible.

Time and Money In

That way, if income in an area decreases, Portugal Phone Number you have other ways to make money. What I love about having an online business is that there are so many different ways to make a living. Here are a few annual revenue highlights since I started my online business: 2015. I worked Portugal Phone Number my day job most of the year and made less than $13,000. 2016. I made over $90,000 and this was my first year working for myself. 2017. My income tripled to less than $290,000. 2018: My income nearly doubled to around $512,000. 2019. We made a little over $725,000 for the year.

Portugal Phone Number

This is not tax advice and you will definitely Portugal Phone Number need to consult an accountant, but if you are doing food blogging as a business rather than a hobby, you may deduct more than you think. My accountant has a guide called The Food Blogger Tax Checklist that will point you in the right direction. save as much money as possible Finally, there are a number of ways you can save money in other areas of your life so you can put some extra cash into Portugal Phone Number your food blogging business. Check out Kristin’s post, 30 Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget, for her top money-saving tips! How to Become a Food Blogger.

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