The “long-termism” of Wuhan Mobile Phone Number ordinary people

One is to only do basic hairstyles, such as: short hair. Long hair, old lady curly hair, etc.; one is to only cut popular hairstyles (this kind of hair stylist can easily. Become a stylist, telling you that you should change, you should cut a certain hairstyle that. Is currently the most Wuhan Mobile Phone Number popular,

but in fact he may only be good at this hairstyle) ; there is also one that is the most. Unattainable. According to your face shape, personality, etc., he uses the simplest method to tailor the hairstyle. So that the customer’s temperament can be improved immediately. In the years i have been in the industry.

The Most Popular

I have come into contact with a lot of designer. And they are generally divided into these Wuhan Mobile Phone Number a junior designer (worker) who can only do basic design. High-level designers (craftsmen) who are skilled and can handle all popular styles. A design master (teacher) who can tailor the design style according to the character and characteristics of the product. Of course,

the third type of designer is very rare, and even if Wuhan Mobile Phone Number there are generally, they are in a very high position. And they do not necessarily design by themselves. So how does one become a third designer.

And They Are Generally

Wuhan phone number
Wuhan phone number

first of all, it can penetrate and restore the essence. Of the product. A few days ago, a colleague from Wuhan Mobile Phone Number hangzhou showed me a product they were .

working on and asked me to make suggestions from a design perspective. He said that the idea of ​​this product. Is similar to juhuasuan, but it is aimed at small and medium-sized taobao shop owners. I said that there.

Is a problem with this. If you don’t say it, i think this is a product for ordinary users. The style is similar to. Juhuasuan, and i can’t see any difference. He said that business is juhuasuan for reference, and ued is. Also plagiarizing and improving, and it has become what it is now.

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