The perfect encounter between the goddess and Qingjinglin architecture

Successful acting career, strong image of pursuing perfection and loving her family. Therefore,  favored by the known construction company Qing Jinglin Construction Team in southern Taiwan. The first brand spokesperson of Home. In addition, The director of the Discovery Channel team to take the shots. breaking the traditional architectural thinking, innovating and breaking through the aesthetic presentation.

The image of the home

Extended infinitely through the lens. just like South Africa Phone Number the Qingjinglin architectural team Construct a new aesthetics of architecture. have the courage to break through the routine. and give the unique and best to your family.

First broadcast on Taiwan-Photo Credit. Qingjinglin Construction Team Xu Ruoxuan, the undefeated and all-round goddess who travels in the fields of advertising. film and music, is not only full of endorsements recently. The products needed in daily life can be seen in Xu Ruoxuan’s figure. Which shows her high popularity and charm. In particular. Not only active in her business. active behind the scenes. became a master of time after she entered the family.

After taking off her gorgeous clothes, she returned home as the mum and gentle wife that the children depended on, sharing the warmth happily. Family time. But he started his career and relies on friends when he goes out. In  friends and family members. likes to invite friends Companions to gather at home to enjoy the rare comfort.

The entertainment industry for many years. steel-like willpower under her soft appearance. Family is her most solid belief. like a firm and stable force, a strong backing behind it. Giving people the courage to face the ever-changing impermanence and challenges every minute. The firm personality and the full care and protection of the home coincide with the concept. The Qingjinglin architectural team treating each building and customer.

Opportunity for this endorsement cooperation. unnamed session copy Photo Credit Qingjinglin Construction Team Lin Conglin, chairman of Qingjinglin Construction Team, said that the three words Qing, Jing, and Lin are derived from the three words of my grandpa. my father And innovation, unique meaning. The Qing Jinglin construction team made a fortune in the Kaohsiung construction agency sales business, with nearly of construction agency sales experience. not only selling houses, building homes, but also realizing the dream of starting a family.

Serving home buyer

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Achieving tens of thousands of happy families. As far as the Kaohsiung area can be seen. it is possible that Qingjinglin Construction Team once served customers.

The chairman of Qingjinglin Construction Team has even bigger dreams. Because he is close to consumers. knows how to think from the perspective of home buyers. From listening to the voices of home buyers, he can transform the appearance of the ideal home in the minds of consumers into Actual building planning. Build each building with empathy for the house you want to live in.

Qingjinglin Your Home breaks Taiwan’s architectural aesthetics. Creates good local sales, such as: Tainan Qingjinglin Buckley, Kaohsiung Qingjinglin Bai Yiju, Chiayi High Speed ​​Rail International City, etc. Architecture should not be just a cold container. because the emotions of people and families in life constitute a warm organism. Home shelters people from wind and rain,  Becomes the sustenance of the soul and the support of emotions.

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