The pressure sensor in the stomach helps to prevent rejection of nature

Traditionally, doctors face many difficulties in measuring intra-intra pressure. Conventional pressure gauges do not provide accurate results and do not provide continuous measurements in real time. In addition, the procedure requires temporary and labor costs.

In order to simplify the solution of this task, the Taiwanese company has pressed a special wireless sensor. Designed to be used in difficult situations, the pressure is a wireless platform that can prevent unnecessary laparotomy and prevent the rejection of organisms from the pot of the stomach and smoke from the stomach and septicemia *.


The small cap of the Censure The pressure sensor in the stomach


Cheer cap can measure pressure continuously. It shows this in Italy Phone Number real time and, according to the developer, solves the current problem of determining intra-intra hypertension. The pressure reduces the risk of getting an infection in the stomach and the senseless.

Pressure sensor in the stomach helps prevent rejection of nature 24173_1
The cup contains sensors and a small electronic board that starts working as soon as the cup falls into the patient’s body. The device is either swallow or insert into the body through the Nastastika tube **, where it is constantly located and transmits the measurement data in an external receiving device.


The signal is recognize


Italy Phone Number


By a “special antenna” that allows you to monitor the position of the capsule and the movements of the gastrointestinal tract in real time. All information can be monist by the doctor during treatment on a mobile device. The pressure log data contains information about pressure, trend, temperature and three-dimensional coordinates in

Septicemia – a variety of blood, which violates the general condition of the body due to inflammation, but there is no damage to the internal organs

Nasogastric Tube (PARITIC PROBE) is a soft and non-toxic tube (polyvinyl chloride, silicone, rubber, polyurethane), used for examining the stomach, washing the stomach and feeding.


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