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If you want to show a large setting.  Then Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number you probably cannot escape 16:9. If you want to focus on one person or item, 9:16 is extremely suitable. Smartphone in hands illustrating vertical video 2. ‘Hybrid’ events and video require specific attention Corona has made it clear over the past year and a half that many business events can also take place remotely. In Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number the future, we will retain the convenience of webcasts and webinars, which make attending keynote speeches easier than ever, but we will combine the webinars with the physical event of the past. Organizers of such hybrid events have to offer ‘physical’ visitors a unique experience, but keep Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number their live registration of it interesting for the viewers at home.

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This requires a dynamic script of the event, a specific script and recording with different cameras. This keeps Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number the viewer’s attention. Always remember: a visitor will not just get up and leave the room. But a viewer has clicked away a Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number stream. Tip : For hybrid events, have two programs: online and offline. Both channels have their own pros and cons, so script for both scenarios. The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that your webinar should look like a copy of your physical event: you are doing the medium short. A live drink cannot be digitally copied. Digitally you have options (polls, a chat or a total shot of a room) that you do not have physically. Both Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number options have their own.

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Also read: SEO for YouTube: 8 tips for strong Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number organic growth 3. Silent content Mobile content isn’t just different in aspect ratio. The lack of sound also means that organizations have to think about what kind of content they create. In 2016, it was already known that 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. The Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number addition of (automatic) subtitles to your online video will undoubtedly ensure that this will not be much different in 2022. What consequences does that have? The visual aspect of your online video is even more important and captioning for the spoken parts is a must . If you Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number want to keep those sentences clear, the sentences must be short and concise, and support the visual part of your video.

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