The Seven Steps of Replay: How to Croatia Phone Number Grow Fast in Replay

Store-related information is hidden after the swipe. Up operation, and the swipe down reappears  when the user swipes up, it indicates that the user has started to browse. The information flow, so the relevant information Croatia Phone Number of the store does not need to exist

permanently, and. More display space can be reserved for the content. When the user slides down, the default header appears. Again, and the user may want to exit or follow the store. (3) after swiping up. The search is adjusted from icon+text to only icon.

For the Products of the

The level of importance of search on the first screen is. Relatively high, and users may have a clear purpose when entering this page, that is, to search for the products. Of the store. At this time,

the search needs Croatia Phone Number to be presented clearly. When the user slides up, it means that there. Is no clear purpose, just simply browsing Croatia Phone Number the recommended content. At this time, the search can be weakened. 2. Interaction settings at the top of the zhihu user details page and the question details page 1. The user. Details page slides up and down, and the interaction method at the top changes.

As Well as Nickname

Croatia phone number
Croatia phone number

As shown in the figure below, when entering the user. Details page, zhihu chose to place a large personal avatar and background image on the first screen, as.

Well. As nickname and personal profile information. When the page is swiped up, the profile avatar gradually. Disappears , and the search and function aggregation keys appear at the top. The considerations here.

First highlight the user’s personal information. As the user begins to browse the content, the personal . Information. Is weakened, and the corresponding search function appears at the same time. This is precisely.

Based. On the user’s different usage scenarios, in order to achieve different goals, and rely on the changes. In interaction to adjust the page layout.

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