The State of Digital Marketing in 2016 [Study]

What do digital marketers really think is the Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists most effective marketing strategy? According to SEO experts, how often should most sites be performing an SEO audit? How do most digital marketers stay on the cutting edge of our industry?

These were the burning questions we wanted answers to when we decided to perform SEJ’s first Annual State of Digital Marketing survey. We asked hundreds of digital marketers how they feel about a variety of marketing topics, including how much they spend on SEO tools, whether or not marketers really listen to podcasts, and more.

Who Responded?

Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists
At SEJ, a large portion of our audience are SEO professionals, so it was no surprise that 75% of survey respondents identified as SEO specialists or experts. Here is the complete breakdown of who contributed to our survey:

SEO Specialists/Expert: 75%
Manager/Multi-discipline: 10%
Business Owner: 4%
Social Media Specialist: 4%
Content Marketing Specialist: 4%
PPC Specialist: 3%
Key Takeaways
It is easy to lose site of the big picture and get sucked into assuming what you do is the same thing everyone else does. That was the driving force behind this study. We wanted to know if content marketing was considered just a buzz word and if white papers are an effective lead generator.

Having this type of information makes it easier to make decisions about the future of your business and your brand. You might also find a few opportunities to set yourself apart from your competition.

Here are a few takeaways:

56% say they never perform SEO audits for new clients (Yikes!)
59% say they spend between $1,000 and $6,000 per month on SEO tools (Looks like pay SEO tools are alive and well.)
91% believe Remarketing is an effective strategy
74% spend between $300 and $1,000 on social media tools per month
You can view the full results of our study in the infographic below:


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