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On Facebook, an UAE Phone Number audience is a group of users targeted according to the criteria of your choice (age, gender, location, interests, behaviors, etc.) and the audience you wish to reach. Custom audiences are one of the targeting options available when creating an audience. They allow you to target people you already know thanks to their email address, “It’s easier to sell to existing customers than to  find new ones.” It is from this principle that Facebook has developed a retargeting tool to target people who have a link with your business as part of an advertising campaign: these are personalized audiences. What is a Custom Audience?

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Viewing your canvas interactive format on mobile. This option will allow you to maximize engagement on UAE Phone Number your posts by. Targeting people who have already interacted with your content. In addition if you want to reward people who talk. About you on social networks you can target them.

Their telephone number, their Facebook user ID or their application IDs. Facebook will be able to UAE Phone Number compare the data you have provided to its own in order to determine which people you know on Facebook, and therefore those whom your advertisements could reach on Facebook. What are the benefits of Custom Audience?Once you’ve created your custom audience.

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for some time on the advertising platform.  point often overlooked,You can now target people who have already interacted with the UAE Phone Number content you posted on Facebook. as a resultas a result, Engagements (interactions) designate the different. Actions that users have taken on facebook. Watching your videos liking or sharing your publications. You can use pr directors’ email lists it to target your campaign. The audience using the ad creatives tool. You can then advertise to reach your existing customers. Or on the contrary, exclude them from your campaign to reach new ones.

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