The Way Out for Small Factory Kuwait phone number Product Managers

For example, ocr requires the user’s positive. And negative information, but the two entries will make the user feel that there is too much information to fill in. And can be reduced to one entry; for example: contact information, strengthen the selection of the address book.

Instead Kuwait Phone Number of filling it, also it will make users feel easy to implement. Predicted risks: for example, when users submit information. They will worry about whether the submitted private data will be leaked. And continuously strengthen information security on the page to reduce user concerns. Predicting costs and clear nodes.

Much Information to

It will make users know where they are more clearly. And judge how much cost they need to pay. It is Kuwait Phone Number also easier for users to gain a sense of security and. Improve their willingness to operate.

Figure 10 example of improving willingness to operate. The following is an optimization example of real  the data before optimization shows that: 90% of.

Users still click on the text entry below when the front and back entries are very obvious. The reason may be: users who apply for credit for the first time will enter this page. First, the proportion of the user id card may not be high.

And the id card number is generally memorized. Second, it is better to deliver the front and back photos. At the beginning than the id card number. Higher risk.

The Following Is

Kuwait phone number
Kuwait phone number

Therefore, users prefer to fill in the id number first. After optimization: the purpose of Kuwait Phone Number optimization is to follow the user’s operating wishes, store the ocr. Entry, package it into a convenient tool for users to choose, and reduce the user’s sensitivity. The post-position of ocr also makes it easier for users to obtain quota first,

and after receiving positive. Figure 11 example of improving willingness. To operate – real-name authentication optimization in this case, when the user’s willingness to operate is extremely low. Consider expressing in other forms and post the process with low willingness.

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