The whole process of Tencent’s Pearson Costa Rica Phone Number interview: how to successfully transfer products with technical background?

Interactive settings at the top of the taobao store details page 1. Changes in the position and style of the button to exit the store details page .the jump method to exit the  store details page before the revision: click Costa Rica Phone Number the back button in the upper left corner,

and the. Page slides out from left to right to return to the previous page. After the revision: click the close button in the upper right corner. The page slides out from left to right to return to the previous page. (similar to the close style of wechat applet) 2.

The Traditional interaction

Changes in the interactive way of sliding up. And down the page when the user swipes up and down to browse the content on the current page, the traditional. Interaction method: as shown in figure 1, the selected part does not move at a fixed position, but the.

Visual presentation Costa Rica Phone Number effect changes when swiping. After the revision, the interaction method: slide up the page. The following figure 2 hides the area Costa Rica Phone Number except for the search and the top tab, and the presentation style of the. Search button has changed, and the hidden part appears when you slide down anywhere on the page.

New Interactive Mode

Costa rica phone number
Costa rica phone number

Traditional interaction methods (2) new interactive mode 3. Scenario analysis behind the  adjustment

(1) return to the previous level by adjusting the arrow on the left to. The close button on the right from Costa Rica Phone Number the perspective of content presentation, the content with the highest level.

Of importance is first displayed to users. When users enter the store details page, the first thing they. See is the store name, the number of fans and the follow button. This is in line with the principle of interaction. And it is necessary to let users know where they came from, where they are now, and how to go back.

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