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It is up to the companies to respond to this, perhaps silent, need. AR . integration examples Before I go through how Cambodia Phone Number you can apply augmented reality yourself in your daily life, let’s look at the pioneers in this field. For starters, Gucci. They had an app built by Wanna, where they wanted to digitize the sneaker catalog and apply Cambodia Phone Number Wanna’s technology in the app. Below you can see the result of their collaboration: an AR app to try on your shoes. Source: Another example is a business card with AR technology. You can see a YouTube video below in which you Cambodia Phone Number can view the result. The card looks very normal, but if you turn it over and scan the back, you will see that there is movement. A photo plus name will appear and a movie will start playing.

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In this age of endless YouTube videos, blogs, and Cambodia Phone Number other creative platforms, there is a tutorial on almost everything. Designing professional content is something you can start yourself today. I use Canva every day to easily create professional designs, from social media posts to boardroom presentations. In this article I will Cambodia Phone Number therefore tell you everything about how you can use Canva for your company content. Why should you use Canva for your business? Canva is a (partly) free alternative to more expensive, more complex design programs such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign. So instead of taking a course or hiring a graphic designer, you can do it yourself with Canva. Here Cambodia Phone Number are my reasons for using Canva for business content. The interface is easy to navigate for non-designers.

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It is an all-in-one tool. You have access to stock photos, videos, stickers, fonts, sounds, editing tools, and even Cambodia Phone Number integrations with other services and apps. The free version is available with no future obligation to pay. Templates are always available, if you don’t have the inspiration or time for a complete design ‘from scratch’. Canva offers appropriate dimensions for Cambodia Phone Number the purpose of your design (e.g. for flyers, presentations, or social posts), both in pixels and in centimeters and millimeters. The tool can be used not only as an app but also completely online, so that you need much less storage space for the program Cambodia Phone Number and your work files. Why do we use this program a lot? You can use Canva for business content for almost any purpose.

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