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Electronic commerce has advanced so much since it began to appear in our lives. That every time all sales and payment processes are more simplified and comfortable for the user. According to data from Entrepreneur and Comscore. 56% of people who visit online stores expect to find a wide variety of payment alternatives in one click. When they access the shopping cart. This has encouraged the owners of these ecommerce to offer a greater quantity and ease of payments with the main objective of encouraging sales: this is where we find options such as payment in one click , the installment option or buy now and pay then.

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All this is possible to offer if you are accompanied. By a professional Saudi Arabia whatsapp number list platform focused on a good user experience such as Shopify . Get started today for free and you’ll be glad: You have 14 days free to create your online store. No credit card, easy and intuitive. Email address Email address Throughout this article we study how the facilities can improve your ecommerce and the easy payment methods that you should think about integrating right now. Does giving payment facilities to the customer really increase sales? Giving payment facilities offers greater flexibility to the customer at the time of completing their order.

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AN EXAMPLE: It could be the case that a certain client could not face a high financial outlay at once , but could with the installment payment option. Statistics show that these facilities could increase the sales of our online store by around 70% , reducing the customer’s sensitivity to price. With the installment payment formula, the value of the average ecommerce basket is increased by more than 200% . With this formula you manage to increase the customer’s purchasing power, which translates into being able to make higher value orders. Easy payment also improves the conversion rate of your online store, attracts new users.

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Improves the shopping experience and it is even possible to use financing (or other easy payment methods) as a marketing strategy. 6 easy payment methods for your client that will increase sales in your ecommerce 1-Click Checkout The One Click Checkout , also known as one-click payment , is one of the payment formulas par excellence that has become a pure trend in recent times. If you have a Shopify store, you can install this app for free in one click. I WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP. It is a quick and easy way to conclude the purchase process, thus preventing it from taking too long . This option requires that you have previously configured a default payment method, with a shipping address and other data of interest.

Click Checkout Every time you want to make a purchase, you just have to press the button and the process will start. Payment in 3 months Payment in 3 months is a very flexible option that serves to divide the total amount to be paid in this period of time. For example, let’s imagine an order of about €500. Not everyone can pay this amount in one fell swoop without causing a serious setback to the economy. The situation changes completely if we give the option to pay this amount in 3 months. The interesting thing would be to implement this easy payment formula without the buyer having to pay any type of commission or interest. Only then will it be attractive.

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