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At the beginning, let me tell a little story from. My own indonesia phone number experience: i still remember that in a company, when i output the interactive draft to the developers, when one. Of the developers saw the “extreme case error handling” i gave, he threw a big big indonesia phone number one. The question, why should this. Situation be considered? Who would use it like this for normal people? If all scenario.s are considered, is there an end to it? I don’t think this should be dealt with… After i listened to it, although i told my opinion,

So Should Extreme Cases Indonesia Phone Number

He did listen to it, but he just didn’t do that, and. As a result, he received feedback from customers that the product broke down in the scenario i mentioned… So Indonesia Phone Number should. Extreme cases be dealt with? The answer is: of course! 1. Why consider extreme cases as an interaction. Designer, always paying attention to user experience is the most basic and indonesia phone number most important. A product with a single business logic will also involve a huge number of experience points. Ranging from business processes, information architecture, to button copywriting, operation. Prompts, etc. In addition, there are some corner cases.

Actually It Is Very Indonesia Phone Number

Indonesia phone number
Indonesia phone number

So it is not only the developer student, but many people. Will think: combing normal logic is already a test of human thinking ability, and it can fully satisfy normal indonesia phone numbers scenarios. Why do you have to rack your brains to consider extreme situations ,is it necessary. Actually it is very necessary. Because in fact, users will not have too deep feelings about the normal indonesia phone number and smooth. Operation experience, unless your interactive experience is at its peak, but once some extreme situations cause product. Usability problems, then users are likely to uninstall this product immediately. So don’t miss. Out on extreme cases! 2. Examples of extreme cases first, let’s look at a few common extreme cases.

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