This Is the Part Where We Will Actually Validate the Business Idea.

The amount of people that land on

my page and fill out the form, then VP Security Email List click “reserve my escape room now” will give me a quantifiable sense of how many prospective customers I have in my area.

These leads will go straight to an email list and if I were to get enough leads to validate my idea, I would know there is an audience out there that I can serve.

VP Security Email List

Don’t disregard other methods of promotion as well. Go out and promote your business idea as many ways as possible. Set up a social media page for your company and reach out to blogs related to your industry, and send all the traffic to your landing page. Use every possible avenue to validate your business idea.

The number of people that push your “buy now” button shows how valid your business idea is in your neighborhood.

Now it’s the time to see if your business idea will fly.

Breaking it Down:

  • Step 1 – Use Google’s keyword planner and research valuable keywords.
  • Step 2 – Create your advertisements on Google adwords.
  • Step 3 – Create a landing page for people to convert on.
  • Step 4 – Run your ads and promote your landing page to see how many people are willing to convert.

You can use this method to test virtually any business idea in your neighborhood. If you have a great idea, borrowed or not, test it first before you spend any money. See if there is an audience that is interested and you’ll already be halfway to your successful new business.

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