This kind of work experience is equal to no experience, no wonder you are not the one who got the promotion and salary increase

“Will you get a promotion and a raise if you work hard? Of course not!”

The main premise is that you are working in the right direction and way, and you can get results.


Taking a popular product position on the Internet as an example, the description keywords of “low threshold, high salary. And good prospects” will inevitably give people the illusion that financial freedom can be easily achieved.

1. Stuck in daily execution and difficult to get out

When most newcomers first enter the industry, in order to get started quickly, it seems that they can do a little bit of everything, such as demand analysis, user New Zealand Phone Number research, and product design. But in fact, when you go deep into a certain link, you may not be able to guarantee professionalism, and there is no mature working method.

Often busy in various implementation work, but also thankless.

2. No standardized workflow

Most of the product newcomers did not form a systematic working method in the first three years, and often slapped their heads when they received the demand.

Unsystematic and non-standard work processes often lead to problems such as poor New Zealand Phone Number collaboration between departments, slow New Zealand Phone Number project progress. And delayed product launch. Therefore, overtime can be easily achieve , but promotion and salary increases are the responsibility of others.

3. No one to teach, no one to guideNew Zealand Phone Number

If you have a competent leader who can help you quickly find, locate, and solve problems, you can often get twice the result with half the effort in your daily work.

The reality is that 90% of people have not undergone systematic study and training when they first entered the industry. Many companies do not have a complete system, and there is almost no reliable guidance and training for newcomers.

In order to help product people learn professional product skills, achieve system growth, and New Zealand Phone Number complete the small goal of promotion and salary increase as soon as possible! Everyone is a Product Manager & Starting Point Academy has created a product capability improvement training camp for everyone – [Dachang Product Capability Development Program].

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