To achieve long-term efficiency, the key is to learn “how to be efficient in the long run”

I have a friend who does PR (media public relations). When I met him a few years ago, he asked me a very interesting question, which is still fresh in my memory. He said at the time: Is there a future for media public relations? Is it worth it? If I change careers by myself, will it be the same as my operation in the future, where I can only do boring data analysis.

The exact words I told him a few years ago: “Any industry has opportunities, don’t go after Philippines Phone Number the wind, insist on long-term patience, solidify the basic skills, and go deep in the field, you will have a chance.”

I was also very young at the time. And even though I didn’t believe it myself, I still told him what my mentor shared. I didn’t expect him to believe it and persisted foolishly for more than 4 years.

1. Effective learning

No matter what kind of person you want to be or what you want to do, almost nothing is very easy; if your brain is bright enough, your emotional intelligence is not too low, you Philippines Phone Number are willing to step into the game, find a methodology for doing things, and be down-to-earth. If you work hard, you can always reduce some resistance and obstacles for yourself.

On the contrary, the more in the first place impetuous and indulgent yourself, the further away you will be from the life you want. With a little progress every day, you will be a little closer to your goal.

It has to be said that the post-95s generation has indeed worked hard, but the results obtained are always unsatisfactory.

2. How to build a methodology


Many people do not understand methodology. They work in the first place very hard, but in the end they are still inactive and have no results. Most people have two extremes in methodology:

One is ignorance that leads to the worship of methodology, thinking that methodology is the highest theory.

One is the lack of Philippines Phone Number understanding, which leads to contempt, thinking that there is nothing special about the methodology. It is just a technique at work.

I mentioned above about what a methodology is, so for those who do not have a methodology, they should in the first place first look for “methods” when encountering things, and it is relatively easy to find “skills”.

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