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Weibo video stream trigger point trigger points. Refer to the timely presentation of the aforementioned South Africa Phone Number motivations and abilities to users in appropriate. Scenarios (time, occasion, and state) to increase the incidence of behavior. For example:

when a user obtains certainr privileges. Or opportunities, remind the user in time and provide its entry, and quickly guide. The user to complete the corresponding operation. Commonly,

there are red envelope reminders. During operational activities, and social applications notify people nearby to follow you, etc.

Appropriate Scenarios

These can increase the chances of users. Continuing to use or retain, and thus further achieve the South Africa Phone Number product goals. Suitable trigger point. Of course,

the three elements of behavior do not exist in isolation. They  South Africa Phone Number are actually interrelated and affect each other. The above is only to better explain their functions and usage.

Moreover  priority and weight of elements in achieving product . Goals. Summarize interaction designers need to understand product goals in their daily work, learn. To translate them into specific user behaviors, and make corresponding design plans for these behaviors. So as to better realize the value of design.

Three Elements of Behavior

South africa phone number
South africa phone number

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