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Become excellent at strategic stopping. Your ability to stop existing activities that are no longer helping you Belarus Phone Number achieve your goals is equal to your ability to achieve new goals. An important part of a strategy execution plan is to define what you are not going to do anymore. Apply Belarus Phone Number the zero-thinking technique with your team to find projects and activities that you can stop strategically: Based on what I now know, which activities that I a goal: the best definition of darkness is the lack of light. Make it clear together with your team what the goal is not. With this list in hand, you Belarus Phone Number can make many decisions on autopilot. This means that you can put the maximum time and energy into the critical decisions that really matter. 8. Apply the Michelangelo.

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Principle When Michelangelo unveiled the David in 1504, people asked him how he created this beautiful Belarus Phone Number statue. Michelangelo replied that he first had a vision of the David, which was hidden in the block of marble. Then he took away everything that wasn’t David. Success is about removing everything that stands in the way of success. A fascinating application of this method to accelerate strategy execution is Belarus Phone Number the Pre-Mortem exercise. This one goes like this: Imagine three years in the future that you have failed spectacularly. A top MBA program wants to make a business case for this. You are being interviewed by journalists. What do you tell these journalists? The outcome of these interviews is a list of failure mechanisms. For example: we Belarus Phone Number have not listened enough to our customers.

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The next step is to discuss with the team. Which systems you should build to avoid failure. In this case, this is a Belarus Phone Number system to interview customers on a regular basis and bring the results of these interviews back to the team. Setting up all the systems needed to prevent failure is then the core of your strategy execution plan. 9. Be aware of prejudices in your Belarus Phone Number thinking The biases in thinking often lead to wrong assumptions. In 2008 Nokia thought they still had enough time to develop a smartphone, following Apple’s lead. They were convinced that the strength of their fire was Belarus Phone Number sufficient for that. We all know how that turned out. What stands in the way of strategy success aren’t the things we don’t know; it’s the things we know, but turn out not to be true.

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