How to Get Google AMP

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project Engineering Directors Email Lists was launched a couple of months ago, and it has given marketers a new way to rank in search and to reach more users.

The platform caches articles so that they can load more quickly on a mobile phone — nearly instantly. With more and more people using smart phones and other mobile devices to access online content, it is more important than ever to ensure that your content is easily accessible on these devices, and the Google AMP project helps you do that.

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In order to use the platform, you’ll need to learn the markup language and the guidelines. Here’s how to get Google AMP for your site:

Host Two Page Versions

AMP has its own formatting, so you will have to maintain two versions of a page on your site: The one that desktop visitors see and the one that mobile users see.

Google will pull your AMP formatted page for mobile users. However, that page won’t show up the same on your desktop site, so you won’t be able to just use your AMP formatted page. You will have to markup and host both versions of the page.

Don’t think that this means twice as much work for you. The AMP formatting won’t be much different from the way your page is already formatted.

On your original page, you will need to include a tag that links to the AMP version. The tag is

Learn the AMP Markup

Google requires specific formatting for its AMP platform.

All pages must be formatted in AMP HTML, which is a special subset of HTML. This is a specialty markup language that includes custom tags. However, if you have basic knowledge of HTML, it will not be hard to learn AMP HTML.

For starters, you will begin your page with instead of just . There are many requirements for what must be included on the page, such as a header with a specific code included.

You can find a complete list of what is required i

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