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But the competition is fierce: how do you stand out in an online media landscape with so many content creators. Two Guangdong Mobile Phone Number things are certain: you have to be original.  And Guangdong Mobile Phone Number you can’t compromise on quality. An extreme example of this is MrBeast, who spent millions to host Netflix’s Squid Game in real life. It resulted in a video that has already been viewed 168 million times in two weeks. Your Guangdong Mobile Phone Number equipment must be in order, your content must be aligned with available technologies and your medium, and so on. You’ll be able to tell the difference between people who ‘just do whatever’ and pros like MrBeast who know exactly what they’re doing.

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The latter group will do what they Guangdong Mobile Phone Number can themselves.  Seek help and expertise where necessary and in this way rise even further above the rest. Tip : If you want to create a loyal group of followers for your organization online, create a persona of those followers and consider which platform these people are on. Then adapt Guangdong Mobile Phone Number your content to the standards that belong to the platform. Invest in the right equipment and techniques that go with your content. A YouTube video should look very different from an Instagram Reels video. 6. We learn in video format Guangdong Mobile Phone Number According to Forbes , recipients remember 95 percent of the information from a video message , as opposed to just 10 percent of a text.

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This makes online video extremely suitable for information for which it is extra important that the meaning remains; whether it is informative, persuasive or entertaining. If you want to teach your audience something, you cannot avoid video content. Recipients Guangdong Mobile Phone Number can view this content faster than a (long) written text, and the message sticks better. Tip : Online video can make visually very clear what often remains very abstract in text. Augmented Reality (AR) adds an extra aspect to this. With Guangdong Mobile Phone Number AR you can visually explain what is normally inaccessible, much too small or too big to display. You see and hear ‘normal’ video. You experience Guangdong Mobile Phone Number AR, which goes further for learning purposes than just seeing and hearing.

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