To Measure Is to Know

Now that you know who you are going to approach. You can start thinking about what you actually want to measure. What data do you need to measure that? A Delphi study has introduced measurement standards for internal communication. You can use this as inspiration to determine what you Colombia Phone Number List  want to measure. Photo of the book ‘Communicating Change.  Transforming Internal blabla into digital aHa’


These are some abstract concepts and say something about how your target audience reacts to your message.These concepts are based on what behavioral change you want to facilitate with your communication: what do you want employees to Colombia Phone Number List know, feel or do?What do you want the impact of your communication on the organization to be?

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3. Measuring framework

Can the tools you choose collect and measure e  the data to track the success of your internal communications? Funk-e has come up with a framework that you can use to determine which stats to use for your internal communication. It combines the model above with the relevant tools, channels and metrics to ensure each objective is aligned with the right channel and measurement strategy.

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