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With your tips and tricks in an Spain Phone Number informative e-book, which you can also share. Invite a customer to a joint webinar or knowledge event. TIP: Do you want to give back to customers for the effort they put into a blog, interview, or video? For example, if you are filming Spain Phone Number on location, offer to make some other images of the company as well. Or if a photographer does come by to take pictures for a blog, ask if they have any Spain Phone Number wishes for certain images for their own use. Also read: 5 reasons to do more on customer retention 2. Make existing customers feel special You can make existing customers feel special in a lot of different ways with loyalty content. Personalization is one of those ways. We know that emails need to be personalized.

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In practice, this is often in very small things, such as the salutation or content that fits the sector in which the company is active or the product that has been purchased. Companies can respond much further Spain Phone Number to this. Provide dynamic content in your emails. Has a customer downloaded an e-book on topic X? Then make sure that the content in your e-mail matches that. In addition, with dynamic content you ensure that a Spain Phone Number customer always sees new content. Have you read Blog A yet? Then you can now offer Blog B. It is also very customer-friendly, because a customer never has to go through unnecessary steps, such as filling in a form. After all, you already Spain Phone Number have the data and you can collect more data in the meantime. For example, you can change one of the questions in a form.

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So if a customer completed question A last time, he will now see question B. You can also give customers access to Spain Phone Number exclusive content, for example a Q&A session with an expert or an (online) event, where a certain topic is discussed. By connecting customers, you offer them more value than just your product. 3. Touch your customers’ emotional Spain Phone Number needs Your customers are only human and each has their own dreams and fears. Emotional needs are often more enduring than purchasing needs. The Spain Phone Number latter can change radically over time due to all kinds of factors. Storytelling can help you touch your customers emotionally. You show what your company stands for and that is a crucial element in building a relationship with your customers.

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