Ad Preview & Diagnosis Tool Puts Your

Ad Preview & Diagnosis

Now that you have your AdWords campaign Software Managers Email List setup, you want to be sure that your ads are showing up when and how you want them to show up. Thanks to Google’s Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool, you can search for terms and see if your ad pops up. Make sure you have the correct geographical area selected and search for any term in your AdWords account!

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If your ad shows up, then the ad in green so you can identify it, check the ad extensions and see how the ad copy reads when you search that keyword. Be sure your ad makes sense for that keyword search and that it contains all the information you want it to.

If your ad doesn’t show up, the Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool shows your search in red and gives you some insight into why your ad isn’t there. Here are some common reasons your ad might not show up:

  • Your budget might not be high enough to display your ad on the first page
  • Your budget might not be high enough so Google will only show your ad occasionally
  • You might not be bidding on the keyword you searched due to match types or just missing the keyword
  • Your ad schedule might conflict with the time when you’re searching (Ad schedule runs from 9am – 5pm, but you’re searching at 8:30pm)
  • Your target area might conflict with the area you’re searching in

Next Steps

Now that you’ve setup your campaign and discovered the best way to use Google AdWords tools, it’s time to get some data and optimize the performance of your AdWords campaign. Use the data you collect to lower cost and user some creative thinking to present the best ad to your potential customers at the right time.

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