Top 20 WordPress Plugins You Should Install

Whether you have a new website or a blog, you should have certain WordPress plugins. Installing plugins will help your blog or website development by adding some unique features that will not only help your site stand out from other sites, but also improve user convenience. You can add up to 57,000+ plugins to your website. So, to make it easier for you, we have everything you need to know about the best WordPress plugins for you to install. Before diving in, you should first consider the following:

You can easily view categories and statistics on how many times each plugin has been downloaded on However, you’ll still have to scroll through thousands of irrelevant content; that’s why we highly recommend reading this Buy Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers to the end. You should have a list of what you are looking for and only install the plugins that best suit your requirements. Not every plugin complements the purpose of your website. Also, you can find most of the plugins you need for free on and paid plugins on other sites that offer it. Most free plugins do not guarantee customer support. When deciding to use a plugin, make sure it has a good support forum.

20 Best WordPress Plugins Installation Method

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You can easily install free plugins from the admin section of the website by going to Plugins and clicking Add New. Then search for the one you want, install it, and activate the plugin. If you downloaded the plugin in a zip file, you need to upload the plugin by clicking Add New in the plugins area. After uploading the zip file, just click Install Now. Make sure to activate your plugin before using it on your WordPress site. As promised, here are the top 20 best WordPress plugins we recommend for you to power up your website.

This Is the Best Seo Plugin on the Market

This Is the Best Seo Plugin on the Market that will bring more users to your website. It provides everything you need to make your content more SEO-friendly and attract more visitors. It offers bots, controls, XML sitemaps, meta-information editing, Google SEO, and more. The plugin forces you to choose a keyword and strictly adhere to that keyword in your articles. This helps create the content that users are looking for, thereby increasing your website traffic. To gain users’ trust, Yoast SEO lets you create premium content they call sustainable SEO. It allows you to change the meta description, thereby increasing your CTR in search results.

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