Top 25 Social Media Influencers You Should Follow in 2019

Have you ever wondered how YouTube, as a rock-solid entertainment channel, would transform into a lucrative marketing platform? Well, YouTube marketing is the next thing that can help you outshine your competitors in the online space. Did you know that, according to Hubspot, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands or businesses they support? Most viewers are turning to video. This makes YouTube a core part of the overall marketing strategy. This gives you a great opportunity to start investing in YouTube marketing so you can reach your target audience. Just like any other aspect of marketing, you should spend some time drafting an effective YouTube marketing plan and then start implementing those strategies. Before we dive into YouTube marketing strategies, let’s first understand what YouTube marketing is all about. YouTube marketing is digital marketing that connects with your target audience and promotes your business through the use of video content.

1. The Benefits of YouTube Marketing

As we all know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It reaches billions of people around the world. Literally, it can be accessed anywhere on a variety of devices. In fact, YouTube is available in 61 languages ​​and used in over 75 countries. By using YouTube in your overall content marketing strategy, you’ll gain more exposure, gain more viewers, and grow your follower base over time. With a user base in the billions, YouTube Cambodia WhatsApp Number Marketing Lists promising traffic opportunities. Videos on YouTube have the potential to reach millions of viewers. So, if you keep adding videos on YouTube as well, a lot of people will watch your videos, which will definitely increase your website traffic. By using YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you can direct more authority to your website.


Videos on Youtube Have the Potential to Reach Millions

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If you’re serious about YouTube marketing, you must also be serious about sharing your best videos, as video content will likely appeal to most of your target audience by igniting emotion. When people see their inspiration talking about a particular brand, they tend to relate easily to that brand. This builds credibility among users. When you use YouTube in your overall marketing strategy, you can repurpose your written or audio content without spending a lot of time researching. Indeed, repurposing content is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. You can easily repurpose podcasts, blogs, infographics and presentations in video and share them globally. By doing this, you will keep your content evergreen and never die.

















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