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You contribute original and valuable content, and our readers belong to the business and entrepreneurial world. We’re interested in hearing your point of view and hope you can communicate your thoughts clearly and simply so our community can quickly identify the concepts you’re dealing with. We hope by the end of the reading, our followers take away the experience. That served you at some point, now that you share with us the structure of the first draft. And the submission we require a minimum length of 1500 words, you know, what google likes. But We ask that you do not fill out to meet this requirement, we prefer publications with numbers. But direct and blunt content. We ask that you write your publications in a driver document shared with us. We ask that you only send us the titles you will use in your publication for a general overview.

Provide images for your publications, preferably original images. Or images with their license or rights, we ask that you share these images with us in a separate folder. Complement your post with more images throughout the post. Which can enrich the reading and understanding of the article. Writing and Spelling of Guest Posts. There is no need to comment on this, but we ask you to provide excellent spelling, some suggestions for posts with good SEO are: Don’t use too many words in one paragraph, try to keep paragraphs without Too long, remember reading on a browser or phone is very different from reading a newspaper or book.

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I recommend using these words in your H1 Algeria whatsapp number list and H2 headings. Keep a good spelling and we’ll give it a modified one too so it comes out 100. Use friendly language, try to have it as a conversation between friends, and put aside too many technicalities, we hope that even the most novice can understand the ideas we present in the publication. Using storytelling, tell us a story of how the ideas you put forth in publications have served you, which will allow you to connect with our audience faster. 5.- Guest Author Biography We ask you to briefly describe yourself, who you are, where you are in the startup world, what is your greatest achievement and what you would like to introduce to our audience, we will put this article in in the author box.

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Link to your site Try not to force words and links, use them in a natural way so that Google recognizes what you want to expand on a concept, we accept up to 2 follow links, in return we ask you to place 2 Links to one of our publications, depending on the subject I’m discussing, these links will be permanent (they will never be removed from our site), so we ask that our links also not be removed. We need an authorized domain greater than or equal to 22 to make a deal or contact us to make a deal, we also have space to sell to guest authors. Remember to create a Gravatar account to link your profile picture in our publications. Marketing as a Guest Author 2020 is the start of a new decade for the whole world

There Is No Doubt That In Recent Years

we have been the creators and participants of many changes that have changed the way we communicate, transport ourselves, and now even share information. Since the Industrial Revolution entered our lives, the way of production and trade has required technology for businesses to advertise their products, advertising used to be brochures, pamphlets, publications in newspapers. With the advent of media, we started advertising on radio and later on TV. We are now in an age where, in addition to all of the above, we have social networks, digital magazines, igtv, youtube ads, information capsules; however, we also have blogs.

Blog Posts This type of publication is a tool that allows companies to inform their audience about issues relevant to them, they provide a way for businesses to address concerns their customers may have, or simply learn about their following interest of the reader. . But it’s not enough to regularly publish on the company’s own blog, you have to take the time to spread it; but how do you extend your reach beyond your regular customers? Well, this is where we bring you ideas for guest posts, or in other words, guest authors. What is a guest post or guest author? What does it mean? Become a contributing writer and contribute content to other people’s blogs.

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