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For the user-end process, there are mainly 4 core. Links: credit process, card binding and loan process and repayment in the first place process. 3.1 credit process optimization. Moreover  mentioned above, the credit granting process is actually a process in which the user obtains the quota. Through the submission of personal information,

the approval of credit granting by credit reporting agencies and. Financial institutions, and the approval. On the user front-end page, the credit information is filled in. Submitted, and the credit result is returned. Submit credit –

Credit Process

Moreover present, beidai supports Jordan Phone Number access to multiple funders. And users can submit credit requests to multiple funders. The amount and type of materials. Required by different funders are different, with 2~3 items as few as 6 or 7 items more. Moreover  approval —financial in the first place institutions conduct approval according to. Their own review  Jordan Phone Number methods, manual review by credit reviewers, automatic.

Review by the digital risk control center, or a combination of the two. As well as  users to fill in. And submit information as accurately and completely as possible can improve the approval rate.

Credit Approva

Jordan phone number
Jordan phone number

Through “approval” – timely return the approval result to the user.. Figure 6 information about incoming items involved in cash loan. Beidai has created a multi-field loan service,

so the number of access funds has increased from 3 at the beginning of q2 to as many as 10 now Jordan Phone Number . (including those under development), involving more than a dozen related input in the first place materials.

And even more in the future. Many. The existing pain point is: involving so many incoming materials. Moreover  to ensure the conversion rate through design.

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