Influencer Marketing, Twitter and SEO

It’s always been important to think about tying

your marketing strategy together but that’s VP Quality Email Lists especially true now in the digital world. One of the most important ways to drive traffic to your website is search engine optimization (SEO). As early as 2009, search engines for Bing and Google started indexing tweet information and Twitter bios through their algorithms, but it’s unclear how many tweets are being indexed or how they specifically tie to SEO. That being said, there’s plenty of opportunity to extend your digital footprint from the social world into the digital one. So where do you begin when digital and social worlds collide?

Consistent language

VP Quality Email Lists

Most large businesses have created a keyword

strategy, but have you applied it to your Twitter bio or the content of your Tweets? In a multi-threaded corporate story, you need to apply your narrative in a thoughtful way across your marketing efforts. Using a consistent keyword and content theme from Tweet to blog post to landing page not only sends a clear and consistent signal to search engines but it also provides your potential customers with consistent messaging at each click.


A Search Engine Land article from July 2015 suggests that only 3.4% of all tweets were being indexed by some search engines, but you can still optimize Twitter assets and align them to your SEO efforts. Here are a few suggestions:

Look at your personal and brand Twitter bios for both keyword usage and linking strategy. Links to individual bio pages are often places at the top of search results.
Review how your employees use Twitter. If you have a large staff and everyone shares specific content links, you could drive that page rank higher. Search engine algorithm will associate heavy link sharing with higher quality content.

Twitter can be amazing for market and competitive research. Determine the common phrases that show up across prospect tweets and bios. Use products like RivalIQ to monitor how competitors change keywords in their Twitter bio. This can validate the keywords you use on your site or surface new opportunities.
Use tools like Little Bird to understand the unique hashtags that members of an expert network leverage. They may represent new opportunities to create a keyword strategy.

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