Two Days After That Action

Two hours after the cart was abandoned. Second message. Another important detail is that this company does not offer discounts to boost sales in these emails. Instead, they have preferred to send fresh, fun and relaxed messages, like the one you can see below. EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS EXAMPLES 2. Zooplus: the importance of the matter Now we are going to see an example of email marketing so that you learn to write good subject lines. Keep in mind that most people receive dozens of emails in their inbox every day. So while it’s easier to grab attention in your inbox than in any other medium, you’re also at high risk of being ignored here. One of the ways to grab attention is to have an issue that makes an impact .

The audience judges the importance of the email based on it and although it is a small part of the message, it is responsible for making the first impression. And so Zooplus has done it in this example that you can see in the image below. SAMPLE EMAIL MARKETING SUBJECTS From this example of email marketing we can draw the following conclusions: Do not use words that give away pure and hard sale. Address the customer directly. Write a short subject, that is not cut off on any device. Be transparent about the purpose of each email. 3. Uber: how to take advantage of sending the invoice to encourage more sales Another example of very inspiring email marketing is that of Uber.

Uber Is Providing Its Customers

With an amazing shopping experience (ride) and then El salvador whatsapp number list receipt and invoice delivery as a tool to: Let them rate your user experience Provide an opportunity to give feedback immediately after the “purchase” Offer a referral bonus to share with friends Include valuable information about your “product” (trip) using Google Maps In fact, Uber explains the following: “At Uber we don’t spend on marketing; our promotion comes from word of mouth. Going viral is unprecedented. For every 7 services, our users generate a new service.” EXAMPLES OF EMAIL MARKETING SUBJECTS 4. Petflow: social proof by email Petflow is a virtual pet store with more than a million fans on Facebook. The folks at Petflow regularly post content to their Facebook page and put their email blasts to work as well.

El salvador whatsapp number list

As you can see in the image below, this campaign is a great example. EMAIL MARKETING PLAN EXAMPLES Adding elements of social proof to your email messages can be an effective way to increase trust and show that people are (liked) buying your products . In fact, word of mouth is the main factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchases , while 63 percent of online customers say they are more likely to buy from sites with positive reviews. 5. Glovo: generation of business volume through email marketing What better time for a delivery company than to take advantage of events such as a Champions League or World Cup match to encourage an increase in orders. This is how Glovo understands it, which usually sends email marketing campaigns on these special occasions in which it only suggests to the recipient to repeat one of the orders they have already made.

Discounts To Reactivate Lost Customers

Also, note that this example of email marketing shows us that the call to action is essential in an email marketing campaign . BEST EXAMPLES OF EMAIL MARKETING. Just as in the Chubbies email marketing example we said that you can send a message without offering a discount. There are also cases where a good discount or a flash offer can generate more sales. This would be the case of the MDirector email marketing campaign. In which customers who have not purchased anything —although they have registered on the page— are offered a 70% discount. In addition, this email marketing example also shows you how important it is to segment the market.

This case, what MDirector does is try to satisfy the specific. Needs of a registered user who has not yet purchased any product. In addition, it is also important to personalize the email to generate greater proximity with users. SUCCESSFUL EXAMPLES OF EMAIL MARKETING 7. Duolingo: reminder to re-enter the app Another very interesting example. Of email email to promote the use of its app among users who have stopped using it . In this language training company they know that people are very inconsistent when it comes to learning English. For that reason, they send an email to those users who have stopped using the application and consuming new lessons.

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