Understand the Importance of Digital Assets

Develop digital hustle

“Build it and they will come” is not PR Directors Email Lists an option.

Getting your idea out to a noisy world requires hustle. Sales hustle and marketing hustle are part of the mix. But it’s not just about cold calling hustle or big advertising budgets. It’s calls to action across many networks and platforms.

PR Directors Email Lists

It’s a skill that is sometimes called growth hacking. Growing your business with small budgets but smart and innovative hustle can be done.

4. Build business agility

Having an open mind is one thing but being nimble enough to pivot is another.

Large organisations that have dominated industries for a century have trouble changing direction. Big ships take time to turn. Kodak was not agile.

The successful digital entrepreneur can change that landing page, the product direction….without waiting months for the red tape that strangles many corporations.

More buildings, more land and more stock. In knowledge economies that becomes a burden. It removes flexibility and the ability to change.

Your digital assets are becoming the new treasure trove. Web traffic, email lists and your social networks are part of this mix.

6. Think global

Digital entrepreneurs have a mindset that isn’t restricted by geopolitical borders. They understand that the noise is greater but the niches are larger. Because they are global.

How many cheesemakers live in your town? Not many I would hazard a guess. How many amongst 8 billion people. Let’s think 7 figures.

Small niches yesterday that couldn’t sustain a viable business are now a business opportunity.

Yesterday’s small idea is now today’s big business.

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