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We still have a lot of work to do in the market to increase awareness. What I’m passionate about doing is getting more people to think.  If you regularly attend a conference, you probably recognize Chile Phone Number List this image. Afterwards one speaker is still clearly in your mind and you don’t remember anything about the other. And if you have to speak for yourself. Be it at a convention or a wedding, you naturally hope to be remembered as a speaker of great charisma. It is often said about charisma: “You either have it or Chile Phone Number List you don’t.” Based on their own experiences, they give tips to increase your charisma, with the aim of making your story come out better.

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It’s more about building relevance and credibility. The authors of Increase your charisma & get more attention for your story (aff.) argue that charisma can also be learned. Authenticity One of the ingredients to increase your charisma Chile Phone Number List is authenticity. By knowing yourself, your emotions and pitfalls in your behavior, you know better what you stand for and what you are going for. This has a positive effect on your charisma. A nice quote from the book: Authenticity is the degree to which a person is faithful to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. Situations where you get to know and understand your primary emotion (angry, scared, sad or happy) can help you use it when you bring your story to the stage.

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Then, if more people shared the story, our awareness would increase. In addition to authenticity, your personal mission and vision Chile Phone Number List contribute to your charisma. Think about what moves you. Do you want to be a do-gooder, always win or above all help others? A personality model such as the Big Five , the Rose of Leary or Belbin’s team roles can help you gain insight into this. And that contributes to a greater sense of authenticity in your audience. 2. What do you go and stand for? Authors Stienen and Winkelhuis use the drive model of Riso and Hudson , which is an interpretation of the Enneagram. Dynamics model of Riso and Hudson These nine drives help you to understand what gives you energy and what you find meaning in, but also how you behave when you are not feeling well. My enneagram type is 8, the challenger,


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