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Xiao ming’s story: xiao ming is a graphic designer, and later. He changed his company to become an operations designer, mainly responsible for the design Hong Kong Phone Number of user. Growth needs. After the work, i found that for the image output, the mobile terminal page display is not very. Accurate, and the work still has the shadow of graphic design. Therefore, Hong Kong Phone Number we want to help xiaoming, help .many small partners who have transferred from graphic design positions. To operation design.

He Difference Between Hong Kong Phone Number

And provide some summaries of common. Problems on mobile terminals in the early stage of their design. Although these problems are. Very simple, they all Hong Kong Phone Number arise in practical work. I hope that the summary of these problems will be beneficial to everyone. The difference between. Font size and web page size 1. 14px words in the web era in the era Hong Kong Phone Numbers before. The mobile internet, that is, the era of the web. The resolution of the computer is usually 72ppi, so the fonts are not displayed. Very large on the computer. Usually, the font size 14 is the starting font on the web. Page, and the font size 16 is used for larger text.

Of Mobile Internet, the Hong Kong Phone Number

Hong Kong Phone Number List
Hong Kong Phone Number List

In the iphone era in the era of mobile. Internet, the screen resolution is getting higher and higher. If you don’t pay attention to the font size during Hong Kong Phone Numbers the. Design process, on multiple platforms, the text and content will be too small on the mobile terminal, so the screen module.cannot be simply reduced to adapt to the mobile terminal. Second, the module spacing mus. Be regular: 48dp law 1. Steady and accurate – the element spacing is not adjusted Hong Kong Phone Numbers at will brand designers. Or operation designers will also use the vertical grid system. When it comes to mobile operation design, button. Size, line spacing, and element spacing need to have appropriate rules and specifications.

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