Using Email Intelligence Within an Omni-Channel Strategy

Even if email is the oldest marketing Payroll Directors Email Lists channel, it’s still the one generating the best ROI. It’s also consumers favorite channel to receive communications from brands they like. More than one out of two people think that 70% of emails received are not relevant though.

Payroll Directors Email Lists

Companies have never collected as many data on their customers and prospects than today. So why aren’t they using it to send interesting and personalized emails? Well it’s not that easy. Today customers check their emails anywhere, at any time, when doing anything. Brands cannot control their recipients environment at the moment-of-open anymore.

Email intelligence

Email intelligence is a new concept which aims to eradicate mass mailing. The idea is to send the right message at the right time to each recipient. Emails become smarter and auto-adaptive to fit to each person. It takes into account all available data and all events that happened on other channels.

Each email sent by a brand should be unique and tailored to each recipient. This would improve not only user experience but also engagement. To do so, companies can leverage:

Customer data: website, CRM, etc.

External data: API, product feed, etc.
Contextual data: device, location, etc.
It’s a brand new way for companies to use the email marketing channel.Email intelligence allows them to know where, when and how recipients open their emails. A clothing brand could then adapt its emails based on temperatures. It could display a short and a t-shirt if it’s hot at the moment-of-open, and a sweater and trousers if it’s cold when opening the email.

We recently talked about omni-channel. Now let’s see how companies can use email intelligence in an omni-channel strategy. And how it would provide customers with a better and smoother experience.

Email + CRM

Most e-commerce sites send emails when one’s abandoned his cart. If this automated email is sent one hour after the abandonment, and the customer has bought the product on another channel in the meantime, the email is not relevant anymore.

Email intelligence will detect the sale happened on another channel and adapt the email in real-time. The cart abandonment message will then be replaced by tips on how to use the product, or complementary products.

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