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Theaters Diligentia and PePijn together form one organization, but each has its own identity. Because we believe in the powerful and also disempowering effect of humor, we focus on multicolored and polyphonic cabaret programming. We offer our audience comedians, stand-up comedians and cabaret artists, each of whom announce their humorous message in their own way.We receive audiences from all corners of the city and work with artists from all kinds of different backgrounds.  Austria Phone Number List


Both Theaters Are Ideal

That’s what makes our work so much fun. We attach great value to diversity at all levels within the organization. It goes without saying that we invite everyone to apply, regardless of age, gender, cultural background, who you love and what you believe.Due to the departure of a colleague, we are immediately looking for an Austria Phone Number List.

Austria Phone Number List

 look like?

As a Marketing Coordinator you work closely with the Head of Marketing & Service and the Communication Specialist. Together you develop the long-term strategy in the field of marketing and communication. You ensure that our regular audience and potential new visitors are aware of our performances. You do this by, among other things, keeping the website up-to-date, sending newsletters, posting creative content on social media and conducting (online) campaigns.

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