Videos Are Effective for a Few Reasons

What made this video so successful?

Was it just because the video was funny?

During a Fortune Magazine interview Michael VP IT Email List said that “It was funny, and it told the story really well. There’s a lot of funny videos on the Internet. And this one had a real purpose and a real story. And the reason it hit emotional pay-dirt for people was because there was an enormous amount of frustration. And finally here’s something that somebody’s doing about this really big problem. And we also created this piece of social content that was very sharable.”

VP IT Email List

If used correctly, videos are a powerful marketing

tool that have become an ever more accessible vehicle for promoting your business. Dollar Shave Club showed that videos are a perfect way to tell your business’ story and increase your potential for virality.

For a little bit of cash, you can easily have a landing page video produced for your business.

This begs the question, is a landing page video right for your business?
Studies have shown that a video on your landing page can increase your rate of conversion by up to 86%.


People are inherently lazy. Watching a video is an easier to digest information than reading a long piece of content.
They’re entertaining. People have been watching TV for ages for a reason and this makes it a comfortable format to consume.
High quality production raises the authenticity and legitimacy of your company.
They make your business easier to understand. Videos are the closest you can get to having the actual product in the consumer’s hand.
It all comes down to the communication of your brand message. Is a video the absolute best way to explain and show off your business to your audience? If the use of your product can be explained in video format, then your answer is likely yes.

Check out a video Wishpond produced for one of our many landing pages:

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