5 Ways Bots Can Cripple and Destroy Your Website

Previously, we talked about all the different Finance Directors Email Lists types of bots that are crawling the web. While some bots are actually helpful in catching content thieves and crawling pages for search engines, there are also plenty of malicious bots out there. Bad bots can generate false ad impressions, serve spam and malware, and steal content and information. So, you know these bots are bad, but how exactly are those bots hurting your website?

Now it’s time to take a more in-depth look at what exactly a malicious bot attack can mean for you.

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Bots Can Hurt Your SEO Ranking

Your website’s SEO ranking is dependent on a lot of things: content quality, reliable backlinks, fast load time, etc. But bots can crawl your website and cripple the functionality and reliability of your website to the point where your SEO ranking plummets.

They Scrape Your Content and Post It Elsewhere. All that unique, high quality content that you craft for your site can easily be stolen by bots and posted elsewhere without your permission or any attribution. In fact, you might not even realize your content has been stolen unless you’re actively searching for it.

This can kill your SEO ranking because search engines will see it as plagiarised, and your site could be punished for having duplicate content, even if you’re the original author.

They Can Overload and Crash Your Site. They’re called DDoS attacks, and they can make your website completely inaccessible. They occur when a number of infected computers band together to attack a single target, exhausting your network connections

and server resources, which can cause website outages.

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