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Professional cam from 4 to 6 months. For 17.4%. Maturity is reached in 3 months. Already 13.8% of businesses have salespeople hitting goals between 7 and 9 months. There are still 6.5% that take 10 to 12 months and another 6.5% whose professionals need more than a year to bring the expected return. Seller empowerment 25% of businesses don’t have data on how long it takes salespeople to start hitting targets the most worrying number is that 25% of businesses don’t even have data on the time it takes salespeople to start hitting targets.

This is in line with another data that the Finland Phone Number sales panorama brings: that 54% of businesses still do not use crm software to manage the sales team. Not adopting the tool makes it difficult to record and analyze information. Causing the company to miss opportunities for improvement because it does not know the current state of the team’s performance. 41% of companies do not have a defined training frequency in the empowerment stage. Understand the frequency of training offered to teams.

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The questioning reinforce that little has been done by businesses in terms of training. According to the responses. 41% of companies do not have a defined training frequency. In addition. Only 23% have a monthly frequency of training. 14% have never performed any type of training with the team. Most training is carried out by the direct team leader finally. We seek to understand who carries out these trainings. Are they people from other areas? Market professionals? The leaders themselves? In 2021.

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The majority of training was carried out by the direct leader of the teams (52%) and then by colleagues on the team itself (26%). Other forms are participation in events (21.9%) and through consultants or external companies (21%). Number of employees in your company company website – by completing the form. I agree to receive communications in accordance with my interests. – by informing my data. I agree with the privacy policy. * you can change your communication permissions at any time.

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