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To implement compelling actions that best appeal to our goals. Any brand can capitalize on the impact of Halloween, it’s just a matter of getting the most out of our creativity and marketing strategies. 5 Halloween Strategies 2020 It is important that you have a 360° strategy with different actions both online and offline. Knowing how to combine actions gives you more control over how users behave with your brand. 1.- What does your brand clothing look like? Temporarily update your logo. Season with seasonal elements. Try to use it 1-2 weeks in advance on all platforms. It is important to apply it in this way across all social networks, websites and other possible supports and applications. Fake your branding however you want, but don’t lose your essence.

Promotions and discounts Boost your sales and build loyalty with less captive customers. . For example, you can generate a discount plan for purchases made with your product on October 31st. Alternatively, you can offer new customers a free product or service for a promotion. Connect other tools in the same way, for example, you can get discounts through promo codes. Or redeem bonuses you get on social networks or websites, or through your newsletter. You can also craft promotional prizes with specific purchase levels. Or buy certain products you want to step up this season. 3.- Surveys, quizzes, trivia, contests.  What is your favorite Halloween character? What are you going. To look like this year? These and other questions may guide such tools in your strategy.

Use Your Social Network

A very common one is clothing. Invite your Albania whatsapp number list followers to share videos or photos of their outfits, friends and even their pets. Original and compelling prizes are necessary to generate deep engagement 4.- Your blog is your voice Generate special content for your brand and Halloween. For example, if your product is related to food, you can write about the best recipes using seasonal ingredients. If your business is industrial design, you can publish articles choosing the most terrifying designs of all time. Connect your brand to publications in the most authentic and original way possible, and where you want to take your brand. 5.- Potential User Generated Content (UGC) Encourage your followers to create their own content so they can best share with active hashtags.

Albania whatsapp number list

Finally, retweet them. There are so many materials to cut out: photos or videos of costumes, Halloween decorations, recipes and basically everything we can take photos and videos of. In this section, you can combine these dynamics of generating your own content with a call to a DIY project (do it yourself) so you can share the results later and compete for a brand award. Bonus Points: Special Products and Packaging A great way to engage with our users is to create limited edition or seasonal products. In this sense, there is a case every year, and that is the Burger King Whopper Burger. In 2015, the Halloween Whopper with black bread was an instant hit, and in 2018, an exotic green bread appeared in the Nightmare Whopper, leading to the Ghost Bread last year in the Ghost Whopper.

One Detail Can Make An Impact

Giving these products special names can also help increase engagement and brand loyalty. As you can see, you set the limits of your strategy creativity. Whether you are starting a business or already have an established company, there is no doubt that an updated marketing strategy will come in handy for your business. Another very interesting strategy for positioning your web projects in Google is through Guest Posting or Publications as a guest author. Come up with unique and grand ideas to make your brand or product unforgettable this and next Halloween. We invite you to visit our new website project in Mazatlan.

Of course, you’re here because you’re creating your content strategy through guest posting or publications as a guest author, the best strategy for targeting web pages without a doubt. In our blog, we write articles for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, business owners, graphic designers, web designers and everything related to digital entrepreneurship and online business. So, if you are a fan of these topics and you also enjoy writing, we would love to meet you and read more about your thoughts. How do I become a guest author at Relief? Working with us is easy, we have prepared guides with suggestions for adapting your articles to the topics our community is looking for, so in addition to strengthening your SEO strategy, you can really engage with our audience.


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