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The circle birthday. 3. Coroma When I saw this for the first time. I had to think of Croma: nice baking Shandong Mobile Phone Number and roasting. A coroma can often do that well, by the way. A coroma takes care of the grandchildren during a corona outbreak, although she herself belongs to the vulnerable group. Whatever you think, an ode to all grandmothers, because what would we do without them? 4. Crash urge Crash urge: a strong desire to go Shandong Mobile Phone Number crazy. It has become the Van Dale Word of the Year 2021 in Belgium. I think Flemish is a really beautiful language, especially when it’s spoken, and that’s why I’m happy to share all fifteen nominated words: booster shot delta variant baptism guide breakthrough infection fidget hate cave syndrome urge Shandong Mobile Phone Number to bang koala test easter break card company spreading step.


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Tile rockers second-hand air traffic braid friends legacy. The words originated or became popular in 2021. Seven Shandong Mobile Phone Number of the nominees have to do with the corona crisis. The Dutch singer Merol is the super spreader of the word, but not the creator. Who Shandong Mobile Phone Number that is is still unknown to me. 5. Quarantine “Puns are used to name the new reality. Quarantine is a so-called porte-manteau word, of quarantine and tinder”, says Den Boon. And we did Tinder en masse in quarantine. Global activity was up 15 percent. The number Shandong Mobile Phone Number of daily messages increased by 19 percent, and conversations lasted 32 percent longer. Research shows that 49 percent say the lockdown has had a positive effect on love lives, because it has given us time to think about what we really want. However, the worst peak of quarantine is over.

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I get that, although I mainly suffer from FODA (Fear of Dating Again) . 6. Hug Contact Also a delicious Flemish Shandong Mobile Phone Number corona word. Outside the family, Belgians were allowed to have only one hug contact for a long time. Someone with whom you have physical contact in a loving way. 7. Balcony solidarity Solidarity or togetherness of apartment residents, for example by singing together from the balcony. This happened Shandong Mobile Phone Number in Italy and Amsterdam, among others. It was moments like these that gave me hope that we as humanity are not always bad. To take you back to that feeling for a while: turn on the video below. 8. Beermat virology Isn’t it handy that in a Shandong Mobile Phone Number pandemic you suddenly have a few million virologists on board. Beermat virology means amateur virology. And that’s what we’re good at in the Netherlands.

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