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Save these files locally, as well as Belgium Phone Number on an external hard drive. This way you can be sure of access to your WordPress files. Perform WordPress updates After making the backups, you start performing some updates. Make sure that the plugins, themes and core are always running on the latest version. I, therefore, recommend Belgium Phone Number that you check all available updates at least monthly. Updating to the latest versions ensures that your WordPress website can function fully and you also reduce the chance of a break-in. It is always a good idea to check for updates. If you discover an error, you can immediately undo Belgium Phone Number the update.

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Remove obsolete plugins and Belgium Phone Number themes Old plugins and themes can degrade the performance and security of your WordPress website. So check which plugins and themes you have installed and remove everything that is no longer in use. Side note: it is not enough just to deactivate the plugin or a theme. So you really Belgium Phone Number need to completely remove the outdated plugins and themes. Always check the reviews, popularity and update frequency when you download a new plugin or theme. This gives you more insight into the security risks. Remove wordpress theme Manage WordPress Users Some Belgium Phone Number entrepreneurs and/or companies work.

Belgium Phone Number List
Belgium Phone Number List

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On a WordPress website. Unfortunately, in Belgium Phone Number this situation, the more people have access to the admin environment, the greater the chance that the website will be damaged. Therefore, make sure that every user is aware of the most secure method. Don’t just let anyone download plugins or do updates. You can also restrict Belgium Phone Number user rights. For example, an ‘editor’ can do less than an ‘administrator’. Also don’t forget to delete users who are no longer working on the website. Also read: The top 10 free WordPress plugins to kickstart your website Clean up WordPress database A WordPress database is an archive of Belgium Phone Number all media files, revisions, downloads, posts, and configurations

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