Webring 2.0 Could Include Functionality Similar

Extending Webring 2.0

I recently read an article about how branded VP Engineering Email Lists browser extensions may be the next digital marketing trend. They already exist. There is a ton of potential there.

Webring 2.0

VP Engineering Email Lists
What if there was a browser extension/toolbar created by a company or brand which utilized the Webring 2.0 concept? Assuming the Webring of a company or group was active, the extension could stay persistent to regularly remind a user of the group and the content therein. Perhaps if a member of the Webring posting some new content, the browser extension could notify the user and even allow for interaction and sharing of the content.

Or perhaps to StumbleUpon, a site that lets you visit and rate, user-submitted digital content based on your preferences. If the Webring was large enough, you could regularly have your extended community seeing and hopefully interacting with this content.

Local brick and mortar or boutique businesses could link via a Webring to others in the locality to promote locally, or link on the web to similar businesses but in different geographic locations to promote the similar product or service.

Larger businesses could group their

resellers, distributors or retailers within a Webring to both show solidarity but also promote their product or service without playing favorites. Instead of having just

a page on the website devoted to this topic, the Webring could cycle a prospective client through different companies

who sell or distribute the product.

You know that saying: what’s old is new again? Would it be too nostalgic to bring back the Webring? I believe under the right circumstances and with the right technology,

a Webring could help companies build their communities, share content and branding

wider to new audiences and differentiate themselves from the competition in an old…er…new way.

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