Webring Created a Sense of Community

It offered people looking for a particular topic or interest to stay within a close group of similar content. It was providing curation, not of specific content, but of specific topics.

Then the Webring movement sort of faded away.

Modern Day Webring Equivalents
There are, obviously, modern day equivalents, but VP Media Email Lists they aren’t quite Webrings.

Traditional Site & Affiliate Linking
You can hashtag similar content. That of a loose grouping of similar ideas…maybe…but without much control.

You can join affiliate networks to promote and sell something. But this is advertising. Anyone can be an affiliate. It’s only a “network” because you link your ad or banner to a site, product or service that you “believe” in.

You can join groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, or other social media communities. These are public or private, may or may not have the content curated in some way, and provide a sense of belonging via discussions.

You can categorize content for consumption with aggregators like FlipBoard. But anyone can post to these categories thus making them loose couplings.

Even a forum or bulletin board system, a more older form of digital community, isn’t quite like a Webring. You could even throw Reddit into the mix.

Forum Links

VP Media Email Lists
From what I can tell, there currently isn’t really something quite like the Webring was.

Introducing Webring 2.0
So maybe now is the time to reinvent and reintroduce the Webring. Here are some ideas I feel why Webring 2.0 might be successful.

Community – For content to be successful, it cannot exist in a vacuum. It must be nurtured, shared and discussed. It must have a sense of community. If like-minded sites, businesses and people are linked together, this community exists. A Webring would provide this physical linkage.
Purpose – Companies and individuals must have a sense of purpose – a reason for why they exists and why they work. When defining a Webring, you would have to adhere to this sense of purpose in order to join like-minded groups together.

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