Welcome The Velocity of Change

 Adopt new tools

SAAS (Software As A Service) is an acronym Manufacturing Directors Email Lists that sounds daunting. But it’s just software that sits on a server that gives access to evolving new tools to everyone without sending out those CD’s in a box. Make a change to the code today and it’s available to everyone tomorrow around the world.

The web has given access to cheap and often free software that was sold for $1 million just a decade ago.

The tools have changed.

Manufacturing Directors Email Lists

It’s smart tools that leverage our time and intelligence. Digital marketing automation, segmentation and artificial intelligence. Use them before your competitors do.

12. Patient profit mindset

Big old fashioned corporates have to make a profit fast or else the new start-up division is shut down. Small digital start-ups just need to survive.

Bootstrapping while doing the day job is often done. Low risk with a big upside.

The pace of change is mind numbing. The modern entrepreneur needs to understand that what works today may not work tomorrow. You need to think of your business as being in constant beta.

See this velocity as an opportunity to leapfrog your competitors.

14. Continuous lifetime learning

The digital world doesn’t tolerate a stagnant brain. A curious mind is essential. That first degree maybe gets you into the game. But then you need to consume knowledge and learn like a drunken sailor at a bar.

The education system as we know it is also in middle of a re-invention because it is close to broken.

We need to re-think education agility.

The industrial education system of the past was great for developing critical thinking and powering research. But it is poor and slow in getting the latest knowledge into courses.

Successful digital entrepreneurs don’t get trapped in ivory towers but leap into the real world. Try stuff, break rules and learn at lightning speed.

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