What Does It Take to Run a Great Community Subscription?

Even though we live in an age where almost everyone is connected, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the digital world is often a noisy and lonely place. On the one hand, brands are using media such as social media to expand their reach, cultivate customer loyalty and enable social selling. On the other hand, they often find it difficult to make a meaningful impact in a competitive marketplace. Building a community subscription website or app helps build a sense of belonging and exclusivity. For members, it can provide access to valuable resources to help them get more out of your products and services, and leave feedback. For the brand behind it, the community can ease the workload by shifting customer support tickets, providing insights for R&D, generating revenue, and improving customer retention.



#1. Create a Brilliant First Impression

The average Internet user has 90 online accounts, and that number is likely to rise. There are a lot of sites that require bookmarking and login details to remember. It’s getting harder and harder to encourage people to sign up for membership sites, which means first impressions are everything. People’s first contact Buy Fresh & Updated Italy Business Fax Lists is a welcome message. This is your chance to make an impact, so you need to make every word and image meaningful. A clear value proposition to answer the question “How is it good for me?” Should be the first thing people see . Even if you don’t charge a membership fee or have any additional subscription levels, you still have to encourage people to sign up in the first place. One way is to offer freebies such as digital downloads, exclusive discounts or free trial memberships.


#3. Provide Access to Exclusive Content

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Nothing kills an online community more than turning it into a paid subscription app that brings nothing new. People are unlikely to be interested in paying for something they already have for free or maybe even paid for. Community apps with subscriptions are designed to provide value through great content not available anywhere else. The goal should be to over-deliver exclusive content that will keep your members coming back. The Internet has transformed education more than almost any other sector. We now have a wealth of online collaboration platforms to enable social learning experiences and deliver online courses that offer a whole new level of interactivity. Your community is a great place to offer online courses.


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