What Does SEO Analysis Get You

Furthermore, the chatbot can help provide alternatives or even offer an even better product based on the customer’s wishes (cross-selling and upselling). All ways to give your sales a big boost. And you know what’s best of all? It’s fully automated so you can sit back (just kidding, of course).

The colleague who is always ‘on’
With a chatbot, your company can be reached Benin Phone Number 24 hours a day. Not only customer service benefits from this, but also marketing and sales. In general, customers often consume outside office hours. When most employees are no longer working. A chatbot can ensure that customers are still served as well as possible. This keeps the sales process running continuously. You can’t just expect your employees to be at work. So for such situations, the use of a chatbot is perfect and your sales will continue for 24 hours.

A Little Cheeky Is Allowed

As with any ‘regular’ employee, it is important that your digital employee also breathes and radiates the house style, tone-of-voice and personality of your organization. This creates synergy through all your communication channels and you reduce the distance between people (customer) and machine (chatbot).

We have only talked about a chatbot that is used reactively. But did you know that you can also proactively deploy a chatbot? Even a tad cheeky? And believe it or not, you will see that a proactive chatbot positively influences the number of conversions. A chatbot keeps track of which customer visits which page. For example, does your chatbot see that a customer is on the same product page twice? Then you know that that person is interested above average. To give the customer that last push, you can set the chatbot to send the customer a message. A simple message like: “Hey! I see that you have visited this product before, is there anything I can help you with?” works wonders to convert a website visitor into a paying customer.

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The Chatbot As A Sales

Chatbots are also often used in the B2B market. The examples we have given so far are mainly focused on e-commerce. But companies that sell customized services or products can benefit just as much from a chatbot. A chatbot can generate leads and even qualify automatically. As soon as a lead contacts the chatbot or visits a certain page, the chatbot can take action and request the lead’s data. This lead can then be picked up by the sales team the next day. Or you can choose to have the chatbot schedule the appointment automatically. One of the biggest benefits is that you keep giving your sales team new, qualified leads automatically. And you ensure that you no longer miss out on leads after closing time.

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